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VIDEO: Painting of the Week – Watching the Flock

How to Commission a Painting

How to Commission a Painting

This was a fun commission. I went to Mara’s farm and took over 35 photographs one beautiful day last fall. Afterwards, we visited on her porch. From where we sat, she told me this was her favorite view of the farm but was very open minded, telling me I could paint anything that I thought would make a good painting.

Back at my studio, this value sketch helped me see that this viewpoint would work as a painting. The red of the barn and the green of the trees are the same value creating a large descriptive background for the scene. The white trim and roofline of the barn defined the background. The geese took center stage as active, highly contrasting small shapes. In the foreground, the flowers and active shapes lead you upwards with brighter shapes with less contrast. I added a few sheep who were hanging out near by.

Every wondered about how to commission a painting?  See this video.




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