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Painting of the Week – Pelican Lake

Cool Colors for a Happy Fourth

Cool Colors for a Happy Fourth of July

Every Fourth of July, a boat parade is arranged on Pelican Lake. Some people go all out and have themes, some play music, others show their patriotism waving flags as they pass by in their boats. You hear festive music around the bend before you see them. Someone from our family acts as a look out to announce “The parade is starting!” It’s a great time to visit with your neighbors as the whole beach comes out to watch.

The colors in this painting are “Analogous” meaning they are next to each other on the color wheel. Analogous colors are attractive together as they are related. Blue, Green and Violet are cool colors which can be made darker, lighter, warmer, cooler, brighter or duller and I’ve used cool colors in this painting for a happy Fourth of July. The key is balancing these changes and making some of them dominant. A few sparks of orange complement this primarily blue painting.

Happy Fourth of July!







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