Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Orrie’s Market

Draw the big shapes first

Painting of the Week – Orrie’s Market by Fargo Artist Ellen Jean Diederich

I noticed that my tomato plants began to bear fruit after all of this rain. It is amazing that we can plant something and it grows in the sunshine and produces food for us! Years ago, I went with my wonderful mother-in-law Irene Diederich to Orrie’s Garden to buy vegetables. Not only that, Orrie grew Gladiolas which he wholesaled at various garden markets. What a beautiful site it was.

Very inspired, I painted Orrie’s garden. There was much to look at and I had to focus on a few different things for the painting. Orrie had prices posted on various items and you had to total up your own purchases and add your money to his cash box. His vegetable stand became the backdrop for the painting. Orrie, in his plaid shirt, is the center of attention and his limbs direct the eye into the painting. I drew the various buckets and boxes around him making them larger as they came forward. The vegetables and flowers became the embellishments and were drawn last but painted first. Their holders were used as contrast. So the key to organizing the painting was to draw the big shapes first.

Orrie’s garden is available as a Giclee 


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