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Painting of the Week – Add A Little Garlic

Bright Colors

Bright Colors 

It’s farmers market time again. The farmers prep and sort vegetables to give them their best look. Peeking over the counter, I discovered this beautiful arrangement of discards. It was like vegetable confetti. The blue bucket is the biggest and had the most colorful contents, the red bucket had a variety of onions and the yellow bucket has primo cucumbers ready for pickling. I made several fun discoveries when I painted this new version of Pepper Pot for a special customer. You can a short reel of me painting cucumbers on my Instagram account: Ellen Jean Diederich Studio.

The excitement of this color is mostly because of their arrangement. There are similar colors in this painting which are exactly that, similar, as each are slightly changed when repeated. Some have complimentary colors mixed in to help tone them down so everything isn’t bright. The containers were painted in the primary colors Red, Blue and Yellow, which were filled with vegetables in mostly secondary colors- Green, Orange and Violet. The background is very simple yet the color gradually changes across the painting like a color wheel.







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