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Painting of the Week – Certaldo

The Crevice Theory

The Crevice Theory

This Spring, Paul and I visited the walled city of Certaldo-Alto, Italy. A trolley took us up a steep hill to the old part of town. The charming shops along the street had several tempting items. Kids in an acting class wearing capes led by an instructor who added a medieval helmet enthusiastically jostled by us on the street. Then, we paid a little extra to visit the prison with a court room and foreboding… torture room. Movies of wrongly charged came to mind. After many steps, the look-out tower provided a 360 degree breathtaking view of the farm land and city below inspiring Certaldo.

The left side buildings have deliciously dark, warm shadows from the reflected light bouncing off the buildings on the right. Their cast shadows caught my eye. It is a perfect example of what I call the Crevice Theory (page 27 of my book Progressive Painting-Your Creative Journey) leading the eye to journey slowly through a symmetrical space. The straight nature of the street would have been boring and predictable without the asymmetrical shapes and rhythm of the shadows that sometimes reach all the way across the street. The larger rooftops on the right help balance that activity.







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