Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Oaxaco Java



Today it is the 3rd coldest day of the year here in Fargo with air temperatures at negative 25 degrees and wind chills at 40 to 50 below zero. The idea of being in Mexico and having a warm cup of coffee has a lot of appeal. In Oaxaco, they have many colorful buildings, most of them stucco, with the clay tile roofs. This is a warm dominant painting accented with the people in Blue – the complement of Orange. Blue in this proportion actually makes this painting feel warmer. Soak in these colors today.

Oaxaco Java (original sold) is painted in Acrylic in a very textural way called “Impasto” that uses thick layers of paint. When you apply the paint thickly, it produces and incredibly beautiful effect on canvas. The twisting of my colorful flat brush gives it my unique Neo-Impressionistic style.

Trying to stay warm? Please note my show opens February 25th at the Rourke Museum instead of next week. Hopefully it will be warmer then. The Museum New Acquisitions Exhibition is currently on display.

I have and am finishing up many new paintings; I look forward to showing you soon!








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