Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Morning Mist

Aerial Perspective

Aerial Perspective

I have taken a greater interest in painting our North Dakota landscape by discovering the shelter belt shapes. They break up these massive fields of farmland we drive by at 70 mph and protect the soil and crops from the winds. They also kindly provide a home and protection for wildlife. Often a farm house and barn are nestled into one. I took a side trip north of Glyndon, MN on a misty day as it exaggerated  the aerial perspective between the shelter belts.

“Aerial (atmospheric perspective) depends on distant objects being more obscured by atmospheric factors, so farther objects are less visible to the viewer”* The moisture in the air blocks our vision and as a natural phenomena, objects appear cooler and lighter in the distance and warmer and darker in the foreground. This is even more dramatic on a misty day. You can best see it in this painting by viewing how the green in the trees become darker and have more yellow in the mix as they come forward.

Morning Mist is one of my paintings available at our Three Women – A Watermedia Exhibit at the Rourke Museum that opens February 25th.









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