Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Graceful Invitation

Working with a Cool Palette

Here’s a little springtime joy to add to your day. This 1992 original painting is of an Antique Shop in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. It was fun to exaggerate the colors in the white of the building to the show shadow. The two pots of flowers were lovely there, and then the large plants I painted in from my own garden. Us northerners are just now heading to the Nursery to pick up new plants. Like a painting, selecting the colors of flowers is a great way to add style or modify your garden. In “Graceful Invitation”, this garden glows because the colors are neighbors on the color wheel and create a vibration. The flowers in this painting, the blue and magenta flowers, are cool which make a violet when mixed. The cool lemony yellow flowers compliment the violet.

Making a decision about color will make a painting stand out. ROY is short for the WARM colors Red, Orange & Yellow. VBG is short for the COOcolors Violet, Blue & Green. You can really jazz up a dominant palette with a “smaller proportion” of a complimentary color. Red’s complimentary color is Green, Blue’s Complimentary color is Orange and Yellow’s complimentary color is Violet. Uneven proportions of color that are repeated add interest for the viewer.






It’s not too late to sign up for painting classes:

For Covid-19, my classes are still geared for small groups in a protected environment. I have purchased video equipment and a microphone so everyone can see on a screen and hear about what I’m working on for social distancing. We have special wipe in/wipe out rules.  A $75.00 deposit will hold your spot in class and is totally refundable  if necessary.

Painting Landscapes in Acrylic – June 9-12 is now at J’s Catering  (limit 6 students)

Beginning Watercolor – July 21-24  Fargo (limit 10 students)

Painting Fall Flowers in Watercolor – September 10-11  Minneapolis, MN (limit 12 students)

Building Transparent Layers in Watercolor – September 22-25, Fargo, ND (limit 15 students)


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