Painting of the Week

Painting of the week ? Garden Lace ?

This lacy windowsill at the servants quarters of President Thomas Jefferson’s estate was quite a find. I put much effort into getting the crusty aged feeling of the paint in the window and really liked what happened. Unfortunately,  I became attached to my painting before finishing the flowers and my fear of ruining it entered the picture.

Attachment is a destructive thing when it comes to art. My book Progressive  Painting has more information about this problem and ways to get around it. Anyhow, in my fearful state, I mucked up the flowers.  AAUuggh! Now I was upset.  I had to walk away as depression was broiling up big time. So I took a nap.

When I got back from my nap, I looked at the piece and told myself “Ok, it’s not going to be a masterpiece but it can be a beautiful painting.” I slowed down, carefully playing with color, looking for what I liked and looking for what to bring out and what to hide away. Maybe it turned out better than I planned…the truth is – I love it!

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