Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Country Landmark | Basic Watercolor & Design Workshop – September 19 – 21

Light & Shadow give Depth to a Painting

“Turn at the Red Round Barn” was part of the directions we had on our way to a hotel in Santa Rosa, California. This painting created in 2005 and was truly fun to paint. Paintings of buildings rejuvenate memories. Their history and our connection to them are important, plus they are fun to paint. I enjoy hearing the stories people share with me about a building that I painted.

In “Country Landmark” (buy it as a notecard here) see how the light changes the color of this building as it faces or turns away from the light. Capturing the direction of the light gives depth to a painting. Look at the flowers…think of them as cylinders of petals. Notice how each cluster has a dark and a light side. When you understand how a light source affects your subject you can more easily move subjects around.

Learn more about painting light, buildings and landscape in my upcoming workshop.

Basic Watercolor and Design

With Ellen Jean Diederich TWSA, RRWS, WSA, WW

September 19-20, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm Bismarck Art & Galleries Association

Day 1  Watercolor Review – review washes, gradation, texture, how watercolor works. Practice distant tree lines adding volume to simple shapes. Apply techniques to a prepared architectural landscape.

Day 2 -3  Create a painting- plan and design a simple painting of your choice. Be sure to have your own photography or you can use photographs provided by Ellen to paint the same subject. A value sketch will be used as a warm up.  Choose a warm or cool color dominant palette and work to finish a painting.

Call the gallery 223-5986 to register and receive a supply list. Cost $195

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