Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Bird’s Eye View

Try A Different Viewpoint

Try a Different Viewpoint

A “Bird’s Eye View” by Ellen Jean Diederich – Painting of the Week

If you think this is an unusual painting for me, it is. Paul and I flew into Fargo one morning and out the window was a fascinating view of the fields below displaying both an aerial perspective (where objects appear cooler and lighter in value in the distance) and a linear perspective (where objects appear smaller and closer together in the distance).

I painted this scene from memory so details were simplified and are more symbolic than realistic. See how the fields get bluer with less contrast as they go away. Looking down on your subject is called “A Bird’s Eye View”, looking up from the ground ”A Worms Eye View”. Try a different viewpoint, it truly gives you a whole new perspective.





The Plains Art Museum selected “Birds Eye View” for The 2020 Spring Gala which was cancelled.  Now the Virtual Auction artworks are on display in Plains Art Museum’s First Floor Gallery for those who would like to see artworks in person during their business hours Monday – Saturday. Gallery visitors are required to wear a mask and practice social distancing as the Museum keeps the community’s safety in mind.

The Plains Art Museum’s Virtual Art Auction begins Friday, July 10th at noon and ending Friday, July 24 at 9pm. Please invite friends to register at no charge to view and bid on the 99 fascinating artworks, thrilling tombola boxes or tickets to a culinary and wine adventure. The first 400 registrants will receive a coupon for a half priced bottle of Spanish sparkling wine at Happy Harry’s Bottle Shops. For more information, visit or share this link to view auction pieces online.

Looking for a Party Idea? This season, Plains Art Museum would like to encourage people to host small, outdoor or virtual parties with family and friends on Friday, July 24th, the last day of the virtual art auction. Party organizers are also invited to post pictures of their gatherings and tag the Museum’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram). The 2020 gala theme was Surrealism, so the more creative costumes and decorations the better! A community showing support of creativity is a wonderful thing- we hope that you will join us in the celebrations and keep an eye out for our social media shares!


Sign up for the Beginning Watercolor Workshop  July 21-24th– online or  in person!



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