Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Sunset at Fountain Hills

Return to Dominant Colors

Return to Dominant Colors

Donn and Kirsten invited Paul and I over to their beautiful winter home in Fountain Hills, AZ with this breath taking view. Kirsten sent me several sunset pictures when she commissioned me paint it. Like most sunset photography, the sky was beautiful but the ground was a mass of dark shapes. I was glad to have seen this in person as it proved most helpful in recreating this challenging Nocturne.

In this painting, the long horizontal sky and the water in the foreground fought for attention as they were the most colorful. The lake in the center aided as a connection between the two. Cobalt blue and Pyrolle orange “both with a little titanium white added” were the dominant colors chosen. Yellow, magenta, dark green and several neutrals were also used. The interesting thing is the distant city lights didn’t come alive until I swooped around them, returned to dominant colors, mixing the mostly blue with some orange “without the white mixed in” to heighten the contrast..


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At the door, we will have hand-sanitizer coming & going.  We will be wearing masks and you are welcome to wear one too.  As promised, we are serving Ice Cold Corona Beer, and Lemonade and   chocolate chips cookies in a bag. Bring a friend and get a free pack of notecards.

On display we have beautiful new originals, several new giclées with pre-issue discounts and a nice selection of framed giclées marked at 25% off.


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Beginning Watercolor is coming up fast July 21-24 and there is still room for students.  It will be taped and offered online also. In person participants also get the online version. Simply pay the online fee and under notes state if you want to take the class in person too.

We will be taping and editing my Painting Flowers in Watercolor workshop in my Fargo studio into workable segments. Sign up today for a permanent link available by September 10-11. Learn new easier techniques for drawing and composing beautiful flower paintings, creating volumetric shapes,   painting leaves, and ways to present the unique qualities of a flower.




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