Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Autumn Harvest

The Warm Colora

The Warm Colors

 It has been such a rough winter all over the country; I want to send you some warmth. Yellow-Orange is very warm. ROY is an acronym for the warm colors –Red, Orange and Yellow and their infinite variations. Painting Sunflowers has been a fun way for me to explore different palettes of yellow. It’s like a celebration of these big, beautiful and strong flowers that grow in value as they age.

Selecting a color to explore is a simple step into creativity. Look at the colors nearest it on the wheel and check out the tints – mixed with white or lightened, shades – mixed with black or complementary colors to darken and intensify the purest of colors. Choosing one of these areas to dominate can give strength to a painting. Autumn Harvest features a more intense range of yellows making it even warmer.

Autumn Harvest is available as a notecard pack!








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