Organizing Your Table.

Recently I had a student thank me for my organization at a workshop.

I thought it was the funniest thing, because I don’t usually think of myself as an organized person!

I asked her what she meant and she said she appreciated how I went through the time to explain how to set up your table and palette before starting your painting.

Having your materials organized before a painting session is very important and will allow for more creativity and flow in your work.

Often times, in a workshop or at home you have limited space.

To use your space successfully, you need top optimize the space by strategically placing your supplies.

The first thing I place is my paper. I like my paper to be right in front of me with as much elbow room as possible.

You need this paper slightly elevated 30 degrees or slightly less.

Use the top of your palette to create that angle or place a small object underneath, whichever works best for you.

Are you left handed or right handed?

Put your palette on that side right next to your painting paper on the side of your dominant hand so you can efficiently reach your brushes and put them to the outside of your palette or in a jar to the side of the water bucket.

Check out this quick video that shows this more.

Fill your paint palette with a nice full squeeze of paint across from left to right of the pan for each color.

If you don’t put enough paint out it will dry and get wasted.

I personally  like the Robert E. Woods palette that looks likes this,










Now you are ready to focus on your painting. 

For additional reading check out this website that has great tips and more about setting up your supplies and station!