My Book Baby.

Meet Jacob

      Before I talk about my book baby, let’s meet Jacob.

      A while back I introduced Samson, the main character in Samson’s Gift.  If you missed that post check it out here!

      Today you have the pleasure of meeting Jacob.

      Little Jacob is one of Nana’s twin lambs. After Samson was orphaned, he was invited into their family.

      Although Jacob loves Samson like a brother, he is a  trickster and is very competitive.

      Jacob loves to tease Samson.

      Stay tuned for more on Samson’s Gift!

Bonus, check out this super cute and informational video on a newborn lamb!

Writing and Publishing Your Book

I was thinking the other day how writing and publishing a book is similar to giving birth. Albeit less painful, it has a lot of similar characteristics.

  • I have “carried” around and nurtured this book for a long time.
  • I always imagined what it would look like in my head.

    Image From: www.librarylearners.com

  • I named it and loved it before I ever saw it.

Sound familiar?

Okay, so it’s not exactly like having a baby, but I am on cloud nine with the completion near.

It’s amazing, how long it has taken so long to get here and all of the sudden poof …

a book!

Honestly, without the amazing group I have been working with, I wouldn’t be this far!

I had forgotten how amazing it was for the whole book to come together.

I can’t wait to share more with you!