Mystic Romance.

Mystic Romance was a dreamy painting. I love pink and blue together, but sometimes they can look too “sweet” together. My daughter, Monica, had purchased glowers to plant in our garden. I saw the array of pink and blue flowers she purchased and loved the colors, but I didn’t know if they would look good when they were blended together. I didn’t tell her this at the time, but I feared it would look to “sweet”. Surprisingly, they looked beautiful and magical in the garden, but how was a mystery to me.

When I painted Mystic Romance, featured above, I did a rich under-painting on the paper. This naturally took some of the white out of the paper lowering the intensity. When I arranged it I used diagonals, creating a credenza of color. You can see a long diagonal from left to right of the pinks, next to an interrupted diagonal of the varied greens. The dark blues are moving down at a diagonal underneath from right to left. The yellows clump and mix into the leaves. It’s the rich muddy browns, greens and purples that made everything glow. I kept some of the flowers at the top very simple by just adding one glaze and painting around them with a darker color. This painting was an experiment for me to see if I could put the richness in what was create din the garden.

This painting is available as a note card  pack you can order online.

Sincerely, Ellen