Appreciating Simplicity.

Hello Everyone,

I was watching the Superbowl yesterday and saw the iconic Clydesdale horses in the Budweiser commercial. If you have not seen it, click here.This commercial reminded me of this painting I did of Belgian horses, which happens to be one of my very first acrylic paintings from 2009. As many of you know, I have painted in watercolor for much longer than acrylic. You can blame the success of this piece on beginners luck, but I really think the key is the simplicity of the piece. I didn’t try to complicate the painting as I was just learning to use the new medium.

In this painting there is a repeated subject taking up most of the space of the two dimensional surface. It is a warm dominant palette with the primary colors in the reds complimented by the toned down greens. The Belgians move your eye across the composition, showing you the simplistic yet exciting texture of the horses. The excitement is in the shadows. Paintings like this make me question all of the intricate and complicated ideas for new paintings I have, when the simplicity of this painting is striking.

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