Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Western Prelude

Paintings of memorable experiences give us a greater opportunity to capture mood. This scene is from a trail ride I took with my girls in Big Sky Montana. I know that I was very interested in capturing my daughters, but what really makes the painting work is the proportioned beautiful background  which in its simplicity is a descriptive wash painted with my full attention and left alone to set up. That may be the secret to Watercolor.
The palette chosen for this piece is warm dominant. Winsor & Newton Cobalt Green is a color I have on my palette that I describe for my students as an unnecessary favorite. That’s because it’s expensive and one can mix a similar color. However, it is a pure pigment and as a color compliment in a medium value, it works well to subtlety tone down reds and pinks in the most beautiful way. See how it is added to Monica’s hair without making it yellow green.
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