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Painting of the Week – Bunny Business

Edges are Important

I stopped into Dakota Fiber Mill in Kindred, ND. What a fun place! She has Alpacas, Sheep, Lamas, a Camel and Angora Rabbits to make yarn from. Chris gave me a personal tour and I saw how she mixes the fibers or makes yarn to dye. It was fun to take pictures of the animals too. The rabbits had nice big cages and were sitting on some fresh grass. When I got home, a beautiful bedding catalog inspired the color palette for this painting.

One of my favorite things about this painting are the edges around the rabbit shapes. They were enhanced by the grid. Rather than outlining, I vary the rhythm, playfully thinking “up to the edge”, “not up to the edge”, or “overlap” when painting around a shape. The transparency of the watercolor makes this especially fun.


Have Total Fun at my

“Not a Forgery Sale”

February 20-21, 2020

Thursday 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and Friday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm at Ellen’s Studio!

3374 Maplewood Court, Fargo, ND 58104

(701) 235-4241

Did you know, originals by famous dead artists are often found in sketch books or piles of unfinished works and then cropped and possibly “signed” to be introduced into the market. Well, I am older and wiser, still alive and looking for space. So, I decided to have fun and go through my own pile, crop, and touch up and sign selected works into beautiful original pieces. On a first come first serve basis these authentic original pieces will be offered for sale, for the first time, with prices starting at $150.00. Many might fit in a perfect place where you’d like something smaller but special, or for a gift. PLUS we will make a FREE SINGLE MAT for each piece purchased!

I am sure you won’t be disappointed, or at least you’ll have fun looking. Bring a friend, and enjoy a little wine and chocolate while you peek into this unseen variety of subjects including:  landscapes, water, boats, PleinAir, animals, tropical, street scenes, flowers, buildings, action, tourism, still life, farmland etc. Hope to see you there!


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