Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Brute Force

Seeing in a New Way

Congratulations Bison! Another National Championship is beyond imaginable. In the field, the players looked for opportunities to succeed and followed through.

Beautiful Medora haunted me and I wanted to capture the landscape without drawing it out so that the watercolor would rule. Unlike the Bison’s continuous wins, there wasn’t any success after three consecutive efforts.

In frustration, I laid my attempts side-by-side and my thoughts changed from ‘look at all the time and paper you wasted’ to ‘look at this beautiful paper’. I scrubbed out the middle and took my colored paper and Medora pictures to the lake. In the morning, I added a grid to one and started drawing Bison on it. This painting “Brute Force” was an amazing success for me I didn’t see coming. Always look for the good and you will find it!

Brute Force is available as a giclee and a notecard or as part of the Bison Multipack.

Looking for Bison art?  Type Bison in on the search bar to see a variety of related works!


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