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Painting of the Week – Southern History

Southern History by Fargo Artist Ellen Jean Diederich

Painting of the Week- Paint the medium values boldly!

In 2013, Paul was national president of the Associated General Contractors of America. For our Charleston, South Carolina meeting, the AGC wives executive board went on a historical tour via a horse drawn carriage. Charleston is beautiful and very inspiring to me as a painter.  We saw many sites of great old world architecture and learned about the locals and the great south. I took a picture of this buggy coming towards us.

Painting this piece was also a very interesting painting experience for me. Something seemed off with my drawing of the horse coming forward. After studying it for an hour and I could not identify the problem. Here’s what happened. In a prior workshop, a student had asked me to paint one of my demonstration flowers to a more finished level. I couldn’t find the photo I painted from so using a similar one, I carefully painted the shadows I saw in the photograph on top of it. Surprisingly, it looked like it was in 3D. So on “Southern History” I took a deep breath and painted the shadows on the horse concentrating boldly and not worrying if anything below was different. The horse jumped off the page…snicker, snicker.

You can see “Southern History” on display at the Spirit Room in Fargo.  This is the last week of Sue Poitras’ and my exhibition “Painting Far & Near” which ends June 15th at 111 Broadway, Fargo. The gallery is open Monday – Saturday 1:00 – 5:00 pm. I have eleven paintings from both my travels and local scenery.

“Southern History” was an award winner at an Alabama Watercolor Society past exhibition. “Garden Menagerie”, which I recently blogged about, is currently on display right now for their 78th Annual WSA National Juried Watercolor exhibition, at the Center for the Arts, Decatur, Alabama.


I’ve also got my work at four different galleries if you’re in the area and want to stop by!

Underbrush Gallery, Fargo, ND – Capital Gallery, Bismarck, ND – Capital Gallery West, Medora, ND – Forest Edge Gallery, Vergas, MN

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