Have Your Pie Your Way.

This morning I was eating the most delicious strawberries and I was reminded of a painting I had done a while back called Pie Pieces. As soon as I finished breakfast I went to look for the picture of the painting on my computer.

I love this piece because it brings back so many memories for me. Not just around the time I painted it, but warm summers growing up and learning how to make pies from an assortment of fruits. As much work as it is to make a pie crust, I just love pulling one out of the oven to discover the transformation into a baked pie.

One day I had my sisters over to my house and I served strawberry pie. By the way, I found this delicious looking pie recipe and it looks super easy! Anyways, I took the pie out of the oven and it could not have looked any better! I snapped a few pictures before we dug in.

The goal of the painting was the arrangement of the pie shapes. The key to this painting is both variation and repetition. I painted a whole pie, the whole pie with one piece taken out and single pieces of the pie.

 The circular plates with triangular pie pieces are repeated in different size, color and angle. Triangles point so the pie is useful in directing around the rectangular shape of the work. Dividing the painting into five pieces also adds to the theme.

 Doing a painting like this yourself is a great way to practice how you might paint a single subject multiple ways.