Painting of the Week

? Painting of the Week – Sanctuary ?

Over the years, I have painted different water scenes in Watercolor, but this was my first in Acrylic. This painting is very impressionistic with its focus on brush work and color. The horizontal bands throughout the landscape are very restful yet rhythmical, transferring your eye from the upper left corner to the water in the foreground. Look for a surprise! While varying the shoreline I added a stroke that took on a crane like shape. Deciding to mimic a partner in burgundy behind it, the two lovebirds were crated and beautifully camouflaged. This image in notecards and in a very limited quantity as a giclée reproduction.

Sanctuary is a cool dominant painting. Magenta is the accent used to balance the greens, tone them down and bring them out. Yellow green is the complimentary color of Magenta and enlivens the static composition. The green palette varies from almost neon yellow greens to navy which are often mixed with the Magenta. I used masking tape  at the base of the cattails to keep the water level when I pulled them out of the water.

Hope you enjoy it!