Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Forest Archway

Balancing a Color Palette

Balancing a Color Palette

Every weekend at the lake I walk up Pelican Point Road to and from the “Magic Hill”. I call it that because it seems to be a most effective weight loss method for me. Last fall after a rain, I noticed red vines growing on the oak trees walking down the hill towards the marshland. They were beautiful. Paintings don’t always start out beautiful and this one certainly didn’t as it began with a large section of black grass leading into a swamp. I scared everyone at the cottage when suggesting replacing the current piece over the fireplace with ‘Forest Archway‘. The vision in my head was far better than the beginning point that they saw. However, a sunset pontoon ride inspired an increase in the amount of water shown along with the reflected clouds adding considerable beauty to the scene.

It’s important to make sure you’re balancing a color palette. In the painting, this palette was originally planned to be predominantly red along with turquoise, black, pinks and greens. By increasing the amount of water shown, it became evident that I need to infiltrate more blue into the composition and change the balance of the colors.



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