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Painting of the Week – Driving Them Home

Basic Painting Styles

Basic Painting Styles

Fort Worth, Texas is home to real live Long Horns. In fact, the cowboys in Driving Them Home, herd cattle carefully through the downtown streets at 4:00 p.m. each day. It is a very flavorful city. You can pick a pony for a trail ride right across from the restaurant district or get a photo of yourself on a darling longhorn with saddle. After checking out the hotels decorated with upscale contemporary antler chandeliers, leather and fringe, you might want to be a cowboy too. It’s also a great place to buy boots!

There is much confusion between Abstract Art and Non-objective Art. Abstract art has a subject and Non-Objective art does not. Non-Objective paintings are frequently and irreverently called Abstract Art, probably because it is such an unattractive name. Tip off a gallery owner of your knowledge by using these terms correctly. To abstract means to take from. In a true Abstract, design dominates the subject. Driving Them Home is a more abstract than any non-objective piece but truly is more of an impression of the subject, thus it is Impressionistic. Impressionistic paintings are painterly, clearly displaying the brush work and color which may even be exaggerated. Realistic Art displays some technique, but the subjects are accurately portrayed. In Super Realism, the artist paints the subject to look like a photograph hiding any technique. There isn’t a hard line between any of these styles and the artists can choose when or whether or not to be confined by them. There are many other artistic styles not listed here that are offshoots of these basics.  







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