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Painting Something You Love

Rustic Charm

Sometimes I hear all kinds of chatter about what is “the right thing” to paint. Certainly it is important to get serious about planning out a painting and sending your message. Artists often worry about being real or conceptual. If you have all sorts of confusing background chatter in your mind, there is nothing more sincere than painting something you love. Sometimes we get so serious it isn’t fun to paint anymore. When I hear myself ruminating over what is right idea in order to be considered a serious artist, it really is time to break out and just paint something I love.

Rustic Charm

I painted “Rustic Romance” because I love Geraniums. Working with magenta, green and rusty colors made this a totally enjoyable painting experience.


Worry is fear. Fear is destructive and limiting to creativity. Love is the opposite of fear. Just fill up a page with a subject you love and go for it. Give yourself permission to take a break and just paint that subject or image you want for FUN! There doesn’t have to be any other reason. You may be amazed what that can do for you and what you will learn.

Have “Fun” painting! Fun is living and love is key.


Weekly Update:

Registration is now open for the Beginning Watercolor Workshop! This workshop is designed for the beginning painter or those who would like a review in watercolor. The class is open to all ages.

This is a four day workshop, September 26-29,  that will be held at the Holiday Inn in Fargo. Class is from 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM with an hour lunch break.

Workshop tuition is a total of $215. A $75 deposit will guarantees a spot. Full tuition is due the first day of class. Looking forward to painting with you!

For further information please contact the studio at [email protected] or call (701) 235 4241.

To register directly through the website please visit the Events Page