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A Workable Concept


A workable concept is a verbalized “why” you are creating this art. It is communication on a philosophical and emotional level. Content rises in our mind and has a spirit or life that passes the test of time. A concept can be developed as you recognize a message emerging from your work. This could be developed into a series of paintings. Keep it simple; many times we see more linguistic garbage about a concept than there is in the work.


December 22” x 30”

The concept behind this piece is about the beauty and power of our combined ages. Every generation of life is strengthened when combined with another. I show this by contrasting a mature tree next to a sprig next to a dead branch. The beauty of these combined stages of life is supported by showing the camaraderie between the grandparent and child.

*Excerpt from Progressive Painting: Your Creative Journey © Ellen Jean Diederich, Givinity Press