Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Lakeside Birch

Drama Isn’t Required

This summer, I frequently walked passed these birch trees in front of a neighbor’s lake home. Easy to admire, they were nice straight trees in two uneven clumps.

Last year, I looked for a very interesting clump of birch and found one in town. From my photos, I attempted to paint it in three different paintings.  All three paintings went in my closet as it seemed to take over each composition in an unattractive way.  So, in Lakeside Birch, I stayed with the straight simple trees. Though they dominate, they do mesh with the landscape. Their simplicity allowed me to look at the trees as elements in the composition that rhythmically break through the horizon line.

“How much drama is needed? You have to decide. The fall palette added enough using the complementary orange leaves against the intense blues in the trees and water. It was also exciting to connect the trees to the background by diminishing contrast between them and the sky in places and abstracting the leaves against the water in an impressionistic way.


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