Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Broadway

Shapes are Powerful

Shapes are Powerful

In 2004, a bank commissioned me to paint Broadway. Their instructions were simple, “paint something of Fargo that did not include any banks”.  Their open minded trust was good for creativity. I drew the watercolor out and took it with me to Nebraska to work on after class while teaching a workshop there. I had just had Lasik surgery and felt like a blind woman saying “I can see”.  It was exciting to create work for their beautiful lobby. This large watercolor, framed size 40” x 60” sparkles every day. Aren’t we blessed to be able to see!

This simple street scene is full of magical shapes that interlock and connect. Shapes are far more powerful and important than details in paintings and the painters tool. Symbols such as those in street signs and logos, are carefully designed shapes that communicate.  Descriptive shapes stand out even more when contrasted. When you interlock and connect two or more items similar in value, (the lightness or darkness of a color) you can create unique and interesting shapes. See how the white van pops out against the dark but the two dark cars behind it join together. Shape is probably the most powerful identifier people use.

Come see me on Broadway during the street fair!

The Fargo Downtown Street Fair full of flavor & creations of all sorts!

July 15th -17th | 10:00-9:00 Thurs/Friday & 10:00-5:00 Saturday.

Booth # 134-135 Near 4th Avenue & Broadway in Block D – See Here

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