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Painting of the Week – Bismarck Central

Let History Inspire Paintings

Let History Inspire Paintings

In 2001, I became a new Pride of Dakota Member and several locals from Bismarck, ND suggested I paint the Patterson Hotel. It was near the depot where Senators, Representatives and officials traveled by train and stayed there. Apparently, there are many colorful stories in its history. I never actually heard one, but a colorful painting seemed to be in order. Today we are so tracked by our cell phones. Back then you could probably get away with murder!

I soon discovered the Patterson Hotel wasn’t nearly as exciting looking as I hoped. After pulling into a nearby A&W, I saw the scene painted here. In Bismarck Central, the large simple shape of the Patterson aided this composition tremendously by breaking up the horizon line. To imply activity, each window was carefully changed. The building was primarily in shadow and a grid added shadow to the sunny side as well and interlocked it with the community of buildings. The depot is clearly very interesting, but the sparkling white building becomes the center of interest. The dramatic sky might get your imagination going.






Bismarck Central was actually painted in 2006. It is available as a giclee, beautifully printed on 300lb watercolor paper. I also have one framed in stock. A new beautiful original Acrylic painting of Bismarck titled Off to Work is at the Capital Gallery. It features the early morning drive down Washington towards the Expressway.


Mark Your Calendars

Please mark your calendars for the Minot Pride of Dakota showcase November 13-14. It is the only showcase I’ll be at this year due to fun family happenings.

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