Artists of Every Kind.

I received an email from the Artists Network the other day that I found extremely interesting.

When you think of an artist, what image pops in your head? 

Many people imagine someone painting or perhaps creating sculptures, but the term artist encompasses so many mediums.

An artist can use their voice, camera,  hands or body to name a few; Their instruments vary.

This email featured an article by Lee Hammond about a Forensic Artist.

Here is a quote I found interesting from the piece!

What I found out is that being a police artist is not about being an artist. Drawing ability is certainly a part of it, but not the biggest part. Most of it is a personality trait that you either have, or you don’t.

We know these people exist, we have seen drawings that police have issued while looking for a suspect or victim, but have we thought of them as works of art?

Check out the full article to get an inside look at what it takes to be a forensic artist and why it’s more than just drawing portraits.

The image for this blog post was also found with the article.