The Power of Light Values.

Hello everyone,

I will be doing a demonstration for the Red River Watercolor Society meeting. If you are a not a member, don’t worry guests are always welcome. The meeting  starts at 7 p.m. followed by the demonstration, Tuesday February 11th at The First Congregational-United Church of Christ, 406 8th St S. Moorhead, MN. I will be demonstrating the power of light values. Values are the lightness or darkness of a color. Many people are less fearful of the light values as they don’t show up as much. This lack of fear can be reckless and I recommend using this time to patiently focus on your subject.  Light values can be used to create an intricate under-structure of the painting and can be very effective.

This painting Formalized Living was inspired by a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. I highly  recommend a visit. The city is rich in history. Everywhere I went I found inspiration for painting. This painting was inspired by the colorful whites in the architecture. Charleston also has many beautiful gardens and giant trees.