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Painting of the Week – Choir of Angels

Painting the Arts

Here is a painting with Clara Piepkorn, a much loved Choir director at First Lutheran Church in Fargo, performing for the congregation. My girls and their cousins both sang in the children’s choir, so I included them and many of their friends. What really challenged me were the beautiful stained glass windows by Cyrus Running. I worked so hard to do it justice, as I felt responsible for portraying his work. Hopefully, he would give it a thumbs up. The blue violet robes (the color complement) helped bring out the gold tones of the glass the most.

Music seems to bond people together, and I hope you are enjoying it. I love singing Christmas carols. In fact, Bob Lind of the Forum Newspaper, at Clara‘s suggestion, interviewed me about my painting Choirs of Angels and asked me if I was a singer.  I explained how I loved choir, but apparently was the only one who thought I could sing. In fact, my kids came up to me after sitting in on another service and said loudly “Mom we sat next to a lady who was even a worse singer then you!”  To that I asked the man who sat in front of me each Sunday, “I’m not that bad of a singer am I?” He looked at me and didn’t answer.

Bob Lind finished his article stating “And it’s certainly a good thing Ellen entered the world of art instead of the world of music.”

For this painting, I used the blue and gold combo to make the glass sparkle. The gold was created from a harmony of orange, yellows, greens and browns. To get the stain glass effect, I would paint on it with the dry brush technique and then lift sparkles out with the dry brush technique and then repaint areas with little tiny shapes.


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Building Transparent Layers in Watercolor

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Acrylic Landscape Painting

Workshop June 2-5 9:00-3:30 p.m. Fargo, ND


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