Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Floral Fireworks

Varying the Amount of Detail

Varying the Amount of Detail

Ageratums are such star-like flowers, they love the sun and grew like crazy around my Red Dahlias last summer. On my southern patio beds, they made beautiful bouquets and more beautiful fresh flowers popped up almost immediately. I was able to give the owner of this original painting a bouquet of these fresh flowers in October as they kept blooming into the fall.

When you are painting many flowers, there are many petals in play which will all pull for attention. Limiting the number of petals is a decision. In this piece, the largest Red Dahlia stands out the most because of its size and vibrant color. Please notice the different amount of detail in each cluster of flowers. Some blend together and others have their overall shape which is more important. Notice how some flowers in the painting are surrounded with the same value and others contrast greatly. Some are in less focus than others.

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