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Painting of the Week – Enlight

Grouping Value Patterns

In 1993, the Red River Watercolor Society invited its members to paint this store front. It was so much fun. For my own personal spin, I used patterns to create darks and added some of my favorite peonies. This painting is in the personal collection of the fabulous artist and mentor Rose Edin, who at one time was my Junior High art teacher.

Look how the dresses pop out from the dark background which is actually a dark colored patterns. By changing the dark colors within themselves they relate to the subject but sit back as a whole.  The lace and fabric patterns of the dresses stand out clearly because of their contrast in value(light and dark).  See how the colors change from left to right and vary in the shadows- I call that moving color. The color and pattern changes have become more important than the dresses because of the carefully painted transitions.



Southwest Art has just published their annual Art of Collecting issue. Among several wonderful artists, I am honored to be mentioned under “Ones to Collect”! Collectors may find their article “The Art of Collecting-Advise & Inspiration for Beginners & experts” very helpful!

There is still room in my “Basic Watercolor” class in Bismarck.  Sign up today!

Do you have the 2019 FMVA studio crawl map to plan your excursion?  You can go see a piece by every artist at the Plains Art Museum right now and pick up a map, or go visit this online HERE.


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