Fargo /Moorhead is a great place to live!

210_Autumn_TouchesI like Fargo/Moorhead.  I’m was born and went to elementary school in Wayzata, MN and graduated from Staples, Minnesota. Then I chose to go to  Minnesota State University – Moorhead, across the river from Fargo, ND.

When we took my  big sister Darin to Concordia College in Moorhead, MN people said “you are going to  Fargo?” This only drew a big question mark for me , as I hadn’t heard about it.  Turns out their is a third college in Fargo called NDSU and they together offer a tri-college education.  This makes  for a great community that is not too large but offers wonderful commerce, the arts and culture. I chose Moorhead State as it had a great art  and education department among other things.

The college students are moving in right now in  droves. My memories of those days were of back to school shopping, and driving down beautiful  streets full of fall trees in their fall colors leading to the beautiful campus.  The RA’s suggested  our parents might send us  care packages and visualized the chocolate chip cookies Darin and I used to make  at home.

The painting above  “Autumn Touches”.  For some reason,  the car in front of the house reminds me of college.  I am thinking the  kid just came home and rushed in and is in the kitchen right now eating chocolate chip cookies talking to their Mom.  What do you remember about your college days?