Creating Your Personal Journal

You don’t need a fancy book for journaling, though many people like to keep beautiful journals they can proudly share. I have one for my personal life and one for my art. I use a spiral notebook and start by dating my writing. My spiral notebook allows me to remove easily and shred all evidence of thoughts that I needed to get in writing but don’t want anyone else to see. This can be a great dumping ground. Whatever you do, don’t lie to yourself. Putting your thoughts in writing can be eye opening. Be sure to read what you wrote to analyze paintings, set goals, develop business strategies, write what you like about your work. Sometimes, I work it along side my sketchbook and give myself an assignment. When I reject something about my work, I like to say why. My journal is just for me.*

Journaling was a part of the work process for my piece, Canopy of Palms. I was interested in painting these palm trees and the red and yellow buildings. In my journal I wrote down my initial thoughts and began to form ideas for composition. A little story was written as I journaled. Three ladies, good friends, out for dinner. Chatting it up and giggling a bit as they wait patiently for their husbands, under a canopy of palms, under the warm sun.

Featured Artwork – Canopy of Palms 24″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas

*Excerpt from Progressive Painting: Your Creative Journey © Ellen Jean Diederich, Givinity Press