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START your summer off painting! If you have never painted before in watercolor, feel like you missed something when you started, or simply want a good review of the process, this is the class for you. Ellen Jean Diederich will help you get materials that work. You will learn about the paint and basic watercolor techniques and get started creating your first painting. Imagine yourself in a beautiful sunlit room, the smell of fresh coffee, fresh paints, clean paper, and a teacher who is there to guide you through your next masterpiece.  Bring photos of the things you always wanted to paint and any paintings you need help with.  Make this your special time to think and grow with your art.


Tuesday: Understand the paint, the paper, and the process.  Paint a subject with two colors.

Wednesday:  Mix color creating Color Spheres. Warm up by painting a flower while holding it in your hand.  Paint a background around it. Integrate the background and foreground.

Thursday/Friday:  Work step by step through a painting.