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Watercolor is a fun, exciting and delightful medium. This video includes the most basic of watercolor skills that will really help you to paint subjects you love. Ellen loves color and believes you should only learn about color from someone who loves it.  Get a great start today!

This video workshop has handouts and downloadable images to print out.  Your account allows you to start and stop this video and watch it again as often as you want.  Play it again and paint using your own photos.

Day 1: 1 hour & 26 minutes
1:59 Watercolor Exercises – practice these techniques over and over
50:00 Examples using techniques
58:49 Making a Grid
Day 2: 4 hours & 19 minutes
Mixing color
22:20 Making a Plaid with a Limited Palette
45:20 Mixing Color on the Paper
56:18 Seeing Shadows and Shapes
1:38 Design Principles
1:58:00 Drawing & Painting
3:18:00  Skies & Clouds
Day 3: 2 hours & 36 minutes
Painting Hydrangeas on the Grid
Photographs of Hydrangeas are attached to paint from
2:10 Mini demos & Tips