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Lesson Plan

Over this 2 day workshop we will both practice and work towards completing a flower painting.

  • Review watercolor techniques by warming up and creating volumetric color spheres.
  • Drawing & Painting warm up: painting basic parts of the flower, leaves and stems.
  • Arrange a composition of flowers and on drawing paper. Draw out silhouette shapes.
  • Review drawing: carefully look our drawing ensuring leaves and add flower connections are properly rendered.
  • Begin painting: begin with painting light and warms colors. Learn to judge and work with drying times, an essential step for success.

Please bring multiple photographs of flower arrangements with the same light source.  This can be achieved best by having a vase of flowers and photographing it from one place but turning the vase in the light, to get different shapes with the same light source. You may also bring fresh flowers to paint from and take a picture with an iPad or phone to use. Ellen will also provide photographs of flowers to work from.