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Do you want your watercolors to sparkle, have strength and beautyand have fun while doing so? Please join Ellen Jean Diederich in her workshop Building Transparent Layers in Watercolor. Ellen has 37 years of professional painting and teaching experience and wants to share her joy of working with this spectacular medium.  In this workshop you will build up and create beautiful transparent washes and bring out the beauty of watercolor.   Then you will work to bring focus to your subject and composition with connecting and contrasting values.


TuesdayPractice using the paint and layering a subject. The layers help you create depth in your paintingsLearn about timing for success, choosing and connecting the background to your subject.  

Wednesday:  Warm & cool Dominance.  Create a plaid using the same colors and making it warm and cool. See how the colors layer. Work on a color sketch for your painting. 

Thursday/Friday: Design and work step by step through a painting.