This class is designed for the Total Beginner or someone who wants a thorough review!

July 12-15 2022 Mezzanine I & II Holiday Inn Fargo

With Instructor Ellen Jean Diederich TWSA, RRWS, WSA, WW

Class is from (9:30-4:00 Tuesday –Thursday) (9:00 -12:30 Friday)
one hour lunch break each day.

Dear Students,

I look forward to givinit you a positive introduction to watercolor. .  When you check in on Tuesday, I will be there to help you with supplies at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday.  A supply list is included below.  This class is designed for the total beginner or a review for others who have painted before. I will be bringing photography of what I am painting.You are welcome to paint any subject you like.  Please do not bring cards or pictures of artwork by other artists to paint from.

Class is $250.00  sign up by April 17 and pay only $225.00
I do have gift cards you can send a friend to apply to this class online under gallery.

We will be taping this class and you will get FREE access to the edited video for review!   Additional information will be added to the video.  A camera screen will allow you to see all work up front while you continue to paint. 

Please log on to register to gain access to the online video later.


Tuesday: Set up your palette; understand the paint, the paper, and the process.  Paint white shapes with volume.    Paint a subject with two colors. A drawing to trace and example to use will be provided.
Wednesday:   Warm up by painting a flower while holding it in your hand. Select and color a white shape from drawings provided, integrate a background around it. More   about backgrounds.
Thursday/Friday: class can choose from 2 projects or use own photographs to create a painting.This will be a step by step process you may vary from if you choose.

When you check in on Tuesday, I will be there to help you with supplies at 8:30 am. My cell phone number is 701-799-9505. A supply list is included below. Bring everything you have on the supply list. I will bring my favorite paints, paper, and brushes available for purchase at discounted prices to make sure you have supplies that work.

There will be demonstrations, time to practice techniques, and you will create a painting. You may paint from the photographs provided, and/or bring your own. A welcome letter will be sent to you two weeks prior with more details.

Regarding Supplies: Email [email protected] for an  order form and pre-order by June 12th what you need and she will have it for you the first morning of class.

 Ellen Jean Diederich’ Supply List

 START WITH THE STUFF YOU HAVE: Please bring your own favorites and a variety of brushes, including oil painting brushes and various tools, and any water media paints you have. Many items can be substituted and old brands can be used up before buying new.

PLEASE BRING: Photographs you have taken to paint from, paper towels, New 1” masking tape and/or *Frog tape, an ice cream pail, #2 pencils, 2 1/2″ house brush (black Bristle), supportive painting board (such as gator board or drawing board, HB or #2 drawing Pencil, jet eraser, and art gum eraser 18” ruler or straight edge, sharpie marker, Mr. Clean Magic eraser (original), razor blade.

SUPPLIES: These specified brands are used by Ellen; please feel comfortable using the brands you currently have. Tubes of paint can be divided with others. A watercolor Palette is the best and most economic purchase you can add, I recommend The Robert E. Wood Palette. Professional grade paint and paper is strongly recommended & will definitely affect your painting success. Many people have difficulty painting because of the paper & brushes they choose. If you want to purchase discounted supplies from me please ask for an order sheet. For help setting up your palette, arrive by 8:30 Tuesday morning.

  • Robert Wood Watercolor Palette
  • D’Arches 140# (or heavier) cold press or watercolor paper 2-5 sheets
  • Brushes: WN (Winsor-Newton) Golden Scepter 1″ flat and ½ “ flat also called a wash
  • Brush WN 530 Script, WN #10 Round
  • 9″ x 12″ Drawing Pad, Gum Eraser, & magic eraser
  • Variety of Watercolor Pencils (Derwent) larger group of colors are better

Winsor Newton Professional Grade Paint-

  • Cerulean Blue, (New Gamboge* or Winsor Yellow Deep), Raw Sienna, Cadmium Lemon , Cobalt Blue
  • Scarlet Lake, Cobalt Blue, Antwerp Blue, Winsor Green (pthalo), Hookers Green
  • Burnt Sienna, Permanent Rose, Cobalt Turquoise Dark, French Ultramarine Blue
  • Indian Red, Rose Madder Genuine , Permanent Rose

Colors with Cadmium in name are now sold as Cadmium Free

**Additional colors “unnecessary favorites”


Cobalt Violet Cobalt Turquoise Light Cadmium Orange
Cobalt Green Permanent Magenta Mars Black
Cobalt Teal Quinacridone Gold Titanium White


Optional  Materials: If you have these things on hand and want to work with them feel free to bring: Brayers, Speedball cut easy Blocks, Speedball linoleum cutter, metallic watercolors, Gouache, Acrylic paints, Matt medium, soft gel gloss, collage items & watercolor pencils (box of 36 or more) recommended. These are not part of the curriculum.