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The Color Design Video

With Instructor Ellen Jean Diederich TWSA, RRWS, WSA, WW

For Any-Level painter  $95.00

All colors are beautiful and have infinite possibilities but some are more beautiful together. Would you like to gain experience at creating beautiful color palettes?   In this workshop, you will practice basic watercolor skills while warming up create a variety of color palettes by mixing them and choosing colors to enhance your paintings or support a concept.  When the colors being to magically work, we will study how to develop them and keep that going.

Color design helps creates mood. Bring photographs from magazines etc. with colors you love and bring your photographs of subjects that you want to paint.  The goal of this workshop is gain useful knowledge for making color choices. I will share many of my favorite pigment combinations. We will develop two paintings, one warm and one cool dominant. Any level painter can take this class as it also incorporates basic watercolor skill exercises.

Please have your own photographs to paint from, some warm (like the sun) red, yellow and orange dominant and some cool (like the sea) blues, violets and greens dominant. Also rip out of magazines pictures that have palettes that interest you.

Email  ellen@givinity  for a supply sheet and order form. sMy favorite paints, palette, brushes, paper and some supplies will be available for sale at the workshop “with good prices”. There will be special demos where you can submit a piece with bad color and I will discuss the palette and demonstrate how and explain why I choose certain colors to bring it out. So please bring a dud if you have one, that you would allow me to do that on.

If you want to draw one or two paintings out prior to class you will be able to get farther with your painting. We will be working on:

  • Studying the Color Wheel and Color Relationships
  • Color Temperature, Dominance & Glazing
  • Hues, Tints, Shades, Stains, Opaque and Transparent Pigments
  • Limited Palette – Discover value and color compatibility
  • Mouse Power – Working with the Grays
  • Analogous Color- Learn how to harmonize your color
  • Grid Painting (optional) use a grid to balance color through your painting
  • Hues, Tints, Shades,  Stains, Opaque and Transparent Pigments

All students will be able to log on and watch an edited copy of the video when it is published– “this takes a while as I record finishing my paintings”.