New Thoughts about Painting

New Works

I’ve been busy completing several works for shows.    I will be adding to the blog soon additional images that were photographed together.
In Pastoral, I had an immediate good start to the piece. My under-painting was heavily textured and very pastel in tone.  It did not add much contrast to the painting but did give a healthy mood to the painting.  I left some of it exposed.
I turned the piece upside down right away and painted the patches on the cow first.    This was a great way to get into my right brain and see shapes and my drawing was adjusted.  Things looked so good at first I was afraid to tackle them. —so I left the painting for a while.  After 2 weeks I was able to diagnose some key areas I wanted to work on and to go for the highlights.
Sitting this painting next to my other paintings, I realized they all had the same green tones.  I was using permanent green light with my blues and yellows.  Because of this I have decided to pick up some more variety of blues and a couple of different greens.  I will experiment with them soon.   I do like the greens in this painting but look forward to getting a variety of green tones in future paintings.