Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Soaking Up Sun

Yellow Green & Red Violet –  Secondary Complementary Colors

There are magical moments you just don’t want to end. This painting puts me there as I can look at it and forget all about time. Do you hear the peaceful lake, the sound of birds, and feel the sparkling light?

The palette sparkles in this painting because of the key color complements Yellow Green and Red Violet. They have a distinct role on the color wheel as they divide the warm & cool colors and can be either temperature. In tiny amounts, these two colors pop most any composition and it is easy to get too much of them. In “Soaking up Sun”, look for the Magenta in the under-painting by the reeds. You do see pink again but it is tinted. Since color dominance is generally more interesting…there is more Yellow Green in this painting.

Learn more about “Soaking up Sun” on display at the Studio Crawl exhibit at the Plains Art Museum opening August 30th. See works by the 40 artists in the studio crawl now so you can map your route to see the studios you and  your friends want to see. The crawl is October 5-6  from 12-6 pm each day.

Starry Fields is a beautiful published giclee and will not disappoint.  Pre-issue discounts of $10-50 expire August 15th. Pick this up at the Underbrush Gallery in Fargo or  the  Forest Edge Gallery, Vergas, MN,  order online  or call me this week at 701-799-9505 to lock in this price.

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