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Painting of the Week – Santa Fe Way

Painting Beautiful Greens

Painting Beautiful Greens

Sometimes I get haunted by a scene. Such was the case with Santa Fe Way painted in 2019. I visited this site twice and took several photographs of the flower boxes that lined the front of a gallery there. What attracted me so much was how the browns in the painting, changed a typically sweet palette of white, pink, violet and blue flowers into a rich and sparkling arrangement.

The true key to this piece was the variation of the greens. Notice how the far left barrel has light leaves against a darker window and then immediately reverses. The flowers dominate in the closest barrel and the closest box has the biggest shapes. These variations encourage the viewer’s eye to explore the individuality of each arrangement. The key color – green is greatly varied. There are dark, pure, light, yellowed, brownish and bluish greens throughout the painting and those variations glow side by side.


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