Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Samson at the Marketplace

Creativity in Business

Creativity in Business

This is the scene in my Children’s Christmas story “Samson’s Gift” where Samson, the ram, is taken to the Marketplace by Tedra, the shepherdess, and her father. On shearing day, Samson hid when he heard the shearers say “Look at the wool on that one….it will bring a fine price”. After the shearers left, Samson “magically” showed up in his beautiful coat of wool. Tedra‘s father, who was initially frustrated that Samson couldn’t be found, had second thoughts about shearing Samson. Instead he decided to use Samson to sell his wool.  He was successful!

In this painting, the colorful figures and backgrounds were carefully placed around Samson so he would stand out with his glorious wool.


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Artists as Entrepreneurs

An artist’s work is not typical; it is unique and quite demanding. But what is most important: It’s determined by subjective feelings of recipients and customers. The question then becomes: to what extent economic success and artistic success are determined by talent and personality? And whether innate or acquired entrepreneurial skills and conscious activity in the commercial art world affect the success of the artist?

Featured Artists:

Steve Revland, Athena LaTocha, Falcon Gott, Sue Legatt, Ellen Jean Diederich & Pasteur Mudende

When: November 11, 2020, 11a – 12:30p

Where: Live on Zoom

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