Painting of the Week

Painting of the Week – Marina Del Rey

Adjust to What You Have

It was the beginning of a new day and the light was just rising above the bay. Paul and I were in Marina Del Rey walking over to visit our daughter Monica.  I took pictures of the marina and the seagulls were calling the sailors, “Come fish for us!”  Distant details were blurred in the misty cool morning light. I wanted good photographs of the sailboats and their reflections, but the gates on the docks kept me from my angle of choice. Home again, I drew this all out and started painting. Unfortunately, my will was still focused on my original goal. I didn’t see, I didn’t adjust, and after many hours, I gave up.

Over a year later, I pulled it out and looked at it. No longer attached to the piece, I clearly saw that the aerial perspective (atmospheric qualities affecting distance) was out of whack. Focused now on what was there, I lightened the values of the palm trees (which had been overly important to me) and simplified details in the distant hotel and boats. This painting is not about the boats and the reflections – it is about that moment in time. Rescued by my memory, this painting of Marina Del Rey is very special.


Because of Covid 19, I  have adjusted my workshop dates and/or locations! 

I hope to help you with your painting!

Painting Landscapes in Acrylic – June 9-12 is now at J’s Catering  (limit 6 students)

Beginning Watercolor – July 21-24  Fargo (limit 10 students)

Painting Fall Flowers in Watercolor – September 10-11  Minneapolis, MN (limit 12 students)

Building Transparent Layers in Watercolor – September 22-25, Fargo, ND (limit 15 students)